Maria Elena Martinez has lived in Coral Gables, FL her entire life. She has always enjoyed literature and creative writing. It was in an elementary school English class that she learned to appreciate, understand, and develop a story. Not until she was working on her Bachelors in Literature at Florida International University did the interest in writing grow even more. Since then creative writing has been a welcome addition to her life. Her talent is not limited to fiction. She writes poetry and non fiction as well.

Taking care of her mother, who is disabled, is her priority. Maria Elena comes from a not so small family of two brothers, two sister-in-laws, and six nieces and nephews. They are also a family that loves and owns pets. Maria Elena has a Shichon dog (also known as a Teddy Bear) named Minnie. When there is free time, she enjoys reading, most things Disney, and a good suspense or mystery movie.


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